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About us

We are please to introduce ourselves as a company incorporated under the Indian companies Act, 1956, in the Name and Style of M/s. Sahakar Global Ltd.  Previously known as M/s. Sahakar Agencies Pvt. Ltd.

The company is ISO 9001 - 2008 certified company, for Quality Management System certified by BSI under certificate no. FS 555776 vide their certificate dated 11.12.2009 valid till 2012.

The company has been assigned a “CARE BBB ”(Triple B+) rating for our long term facilities, by Care Analysis and Research Ltd. (CARE LTD.) and assigned “PR3 ” (PR Three) rating for the Short term Bank Facilities vide their certificate dated 09.03.2011.

Since the Incorporation of the Company we are into Government Contracts. We have been into the business of Octroi Collection through tenders from various Municipal Councils/Corporations since 1994 and have pioneered in this field. Having pioneered the field we entered in to the field of Toll Collection which is a similar field and even ventured in to the Sand Dredging business through Government/Semi-Government tenders. Now the company has successfully entered in the bright field of Infrastructure by begging a contract for more than Rs. 115.00 cores.

Our Strengths

We believe the following are our key strengths.

Well-established player in Octroi Collection and Toll based projects in India with a proven ability to partner with other well-established players in the field

Integrated business model, including our own traffic study expertise and proprietary toll collection audit system

We prepare all tendering documents. Our ability to tender appropriately for all projects depends heavily on the assessment of the future growth of the market, traffic patterns on the proposed road or bridge and the amount of Octroi/Tolls to be collected. Over the course of our more than 16 years in Octroi / Toll-based projects, we have developed an in-house study team, which has the dual responsibility of conducting pre-bidding surveys and monitoring the collections.

Our in-house study team has an in-depth knowledge of field, traffic patterns, Geographical dates, Future plans of Government, etc  not only in Maharashtra, Delhi, Kolkata, where we currently have our projects, but also in other states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Punjab. We believe our in-house business forecasting capacity and expertise strengthens our ability to tender effectively for the forthcoming projects and toll collection contracts.

As Octroi and Tolls are paid in cash, we utilize our own toll collection audit system, which includes cameras installed at toll booths and our own proprietary software, to minimize the chance of cash pilferages. The system enables us to monitor our collection on a real-time basis.

Our integrated structure enables us to bid for forthcoming projects with confidence in our ability to complete and operate the project on a profitable basis. It also allows us to capture the entire value in the development of business, including margins and returns and operation and maintenance margins.

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